About Us



Onebrotherhood is a non-profit organization run by local community members all across the GTA. Our goal is to unite communities within the GTA. By giving volunteers the correct tools to run events and programs it allows local members to reach their potential..

OneBrotherhood seeks to provide emergency resources where disasters hit, through fundraising and other collaborative efforts. We as an organization believe in the importance of engaging with our communities in order to effectively use our international networks to aid those going through hardships, hunger and disaster.

In addition to our work internationally, OneBrotherhood is striving to make an impact locally by establishing programmes aimed at alleviating poverty in the GTA.

OneBrotherhood is planning on creating mentoring opportunities for those who are starting out in the work force and beginning their careers. By partnering with experienced professionals who will give advice and provide support, these individuals will be able to grow on a personal and professional level. Which will allow for a strong foot hold in an increasingly challenging workforce.

  • Unity
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Brotherhood
OneBrotherhood Community Work
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