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Yusuf Bangee

Yusuf Bangee is a Scarborough Native. He has developed a reputation as a community leader through his efforts to helping his community. He is also a licensed Physiotherapist who owns a clinic and uses it to help the public and mentor those who want to further their career as a physiotherapist.

Yusuf Bangee’s path to becoming a Physiotherapist began at UofT where he received his Honours Bachelor of Science Biology in 1998. He then went on to get his Post Grad degree from UWO in Physical Therapy. Growing up, Yusuf was always involved in sports and knew he wanted to be in the healthcare industry. When he was 14, Yusuf broke his elbow, and had some Physiotherapy treatment for it. From that day on, he knew that this was going to be his path as it matched up with his desire to help people and be involved in Health/Fitness industry.

Becoming a Physiotherapist and starting his own organization was no an easy task for Yusuf. There were many barriers he had to overcome. Much like the youth of today, there were many distractions in the community he grew up in. His life could have been completely different but he remained focussed on his deen and education which were essential parts of getting him to where he is today. He thanks the people in his family for support and mentors from his community that showed him how to do things the “right way and accomplish your goals”. Yusuf would like to thank the late Dr.Shehbaz ‘Shebo’ Butt who was a mentor and an inspiration to him and many others. Dr.Shehbaz came up from humble beginnings and through hard work and perseverance went on to become an anesthesiologist. Yusuf had this to say about his late friend Dr.Shehbaz: “He supported many initiatives in the community philanthropy and more importantly gave people his time. He was the go-to person for many in the community when/if they had any health issues or had a love one in need of medical advice or reassurance; he never said no to anyone. He inspired many of us to reach beyond our expectation and lead by example. InshaAllah, I aspire to carry on his legacy and belief that if we can lift each other we can all rise together.”

Yusuf Bangee has done lots of work in regards to helping the youth and community and is recognized as a community leader in the Scarborough area. His community involvement starts with coaching and mentoring kids in the Scarborough Muslim Ball Hockey league (SMBHA) as well as being a sponsor. He always tries to keep the youth involved in the community as he helps put up basketball courts in the community for the youth and establishes many programs for the youth to stay active. Yusuf is known to be very quiet with his generosity but every time an opportunity presents itself to help with a charity he’s the first one up. He also uses his platform to help university students professionally, as he gives them an opportunity to work and spend time under him to develop their careers and skills. Yusuf’s generosity speaks volumes as he also takes care of anyone in the community as he’s done a lot of pro-bono work through his clinic.

We asked Yusuf what advice he would you give to youth and parents and this was his response:

“High School is a four or five-year period where there are many things going on with young people. Bodies are changing, personalities are forming and new friends are made and opportunities present themselves. All of us have to go through this and as long as you set some goals for yourself and avoid making any life-changing decisions you will be OK. InshAllah. Set yourself up with success by surrounding yourself with like-minded friends and avoid situations that may get you off your goals. And if some poor decisions are made or some academic opportunities are lost, don’t despair, you can turn it around as long as you have the will and desire to InshAllah. Do not underestimate yourself and your abilities and the power of intention to do something positive in your life for Allah.”

‘“Talk to each other. Be present and attentive, and be receptive to what is being said. Life is not easy and the youth need support and guidance. Do not ignore a problem- it probably won’t go away. Get help.”

Yusuf Bangee continues to do good for his community – recognition or not, he does what he feels is needed for the betterment of our community. This is why he is a part of our list, because of how influential he is in his area, and we want to share how thankful we are for the work and effort he has put in.

Alhumdulilah, Yusuf Bangee has also offered to help anyone who is looking to further pursue a career path in the Healthcare or physiotherapy industries. For anyone interested please feel free to DM us!

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May Allah ﷻ preserve him and accept is efforts

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